Free Guide to Digital Marketing Sales Funnels!

You Will Learn:

  • What a Digital Marketing Funnel is
  • Why You Need One
  • The 3 Main Components of a Funnel
  • What a Funnel Looks Like ( With an Example)
  • How to Build a Value Ladder
  • Tools & Resources to Build Your Own Funnel

Why You Need This Guide

If your business is online in some sort of fashion whether it be via a website, social media, etc. or a combination of those, you absolutely need a digital marketing funnel. Without a marketing funnel, you’re going to miss a tremendous amount of opportunities to generate leads, close more clients, and get higher ticketed products / services sold.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnels are the foundation of everything related to internet / digital marketing. Businesses in all shapes and sizes utilizes funnels to increase their revenue, grow their businesses, and overall, perform better. If you do not know what a funnel is and/or do not have one implemented, you definitely need this guide to get started with building your own digital marketing funnel.

What’s Covered in This Guide?

Section 1

Funnel Basics

You’ll learn what a digital marketing funnel really is, how it relates to your business, and the proven framework for how funnels work.
Section 2

Funnel Components

You’ll learn the three main components of a Digital Marketing Funnel and what tactics are used to succeed in each component. This section is broken down into three sub-sections where we will take a deeper look into each component of the funnel.
Section 3

Value Ladders Explained

In this section, you’ll learn what a value ladder is, how to build one for your business, and how the value ladder related to the Digital Marketing Funnel.
Section 4

Look At A Funnel

Here we put everything together and show you what a funnel actually looks like with a custom funnel map that we built for one of our clients. Using this funnel, we were able to generate countless leads and appointments for a Chiropractor. (Chiropractor funnel example.
Section 5

Tools & Resources

At the end of the guide, we will provide you with plenty of tools and resources to get you started on building your very own funnel (includes a video tutorial that walks you through a funnel).

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level but not sure how, this guide will help you get your very own funnel setup so you can start generating more leads and closing more customers!

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