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Do you own a business that serves a local demographic? Have you used traditional marketing tactics in the past? The truth is, almost every local business has.

However, it’s 2018 and local businesses need Facebook Ads in their marketing strategy to compete effectively.

If you want more people walking into your…

  • Med Spa
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Restaurant
  • Dental Office
  • Legal Practice
  • Chiropractic Office
  • Fitness Center
  • or any local business!

… then this article is for you.

The Top 7 Reasons Local Businesses Need to Use Facebook Ad

Facebook provides a platform that makes advertising easier than any other form of advertisement. Not only is Facebook financially friendly, the Ad Manager platform gives tremendous flexibility and control.

1. Highly Customizable Ad Campaigns

Depending on the objective of your Facebook Ad Campaign, Facebook provides a plethora of controls. From targeting highly specific audiences to adjusting ad spend, message, and more, your Facebook Ad Campaigns give you access to every opportunity you could possibly want.

Facebook Ad Campaign


Whether you’re a novice or a professional, Facebook has integrated a great user experience to make it as simple as possible for your to select the best Facebook Ad Campaign based on your objective.

2. Extremely Targeted Audiences

Are you targeting females between the ages of 32-48 within 2.5 miles of your location? Facebook can do that without batting a robotic eye 🤣! Perhaps you’d prefer if those females have shown an interest in cosmetic beauty supplies and also like the Kardashians; don’t worry, Facebook can handle that too!

With Facebook Ads, you have millions of targeting combinations you can test and try to determine what works most effectively for your objective.

3. Measurable Results

One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional marketing is the only way to truly measure the results of a campaign is to use codes and hope the customer claims the code at your store.
With Digital Marketing in general and Facebook Ads specifically, there is a platform at your finger tips which give you access to a level of granularity never seen in traditional marketing tactics. With access to A/B and Multivariate testing opportunities, you can find the perfect combination of Ad Copy and Ad Creative to ensure your Facebook Ads receive maximum results for your local business!

4. Easy To Scale

Scaling traditional marketing can be difficult depending on the format of your campaign. From purchasing more marketing materials to distribution, scaling can quickly become a nightmare.
With Facebook Ads for local businesses, this is not a problem. Once you’ve ran through all your testing to find the appropriate combination of ad copy and ad spend, you can scale your Facebook Ads Campaign fairly quickly; either vertically or horizontally.
As you scale your ad campaign, if done appropriately, your costs per result are greatly reduced as Facebook has obtained a significant amount of data already and knows exactly who, what and when to show you ads to. This generates the greatest probability of success for your campaign; all taken care of by the Facebook team.

5. Endless Remarketing Opportunities

How many sales has your website generated for you so far? With Facebook, you can retarget lost opportunities for traffic to your website with retargeting campaigns.
Facebook Ads Retargeting Audiences
Facebook provides the Pixel tracking code which will extend the ability for you to create custom audiences based off the website data the Pixel has tracked. Furthermore, you can generate LAL (Look alike audiences) from this code as well. This will assist you in target a larger audience than through standard targeting opportunities.
With Facebook’s Pixel code, you literally have endless opportunities to retarget your audience and provide custom and personalized offers to generate a conversion.

6. Powerful Tools and Integrations

Given the demand and success for facebooks ad platform, there are legitimately hundreds of software tools that exist solely to increase your success with facebook marketing. From chatbots, drag/drop landing page builders, CRM’s, payment systems, etc. there is an abundance of integrations you can incorporate into your funnel to learn more information about your customer, increase conversions, and drive more sales.


Traditional marketing campaigns can run in the 5 and 6 figures for local businesses to produce relatively modest results. With access to the internet, Google Adwords began changing the landscape providing an even greater cut in ad expenses.
Facebook Ads Average Cost-Per-Click
Thanks to Facebook’s Ad platform, there are even greater opportunities to cut ad expenses and test marketing campaigns rapidly for little to no cost. The average cost-per-click (CPC) on a Facebook Ad is only $1.10. Imagine the possibilities you can achieve.

Wrapping Up

No matter what your local business does, Facebook Ads can help you drive more traffic into your business, increase your sales and the LTV of your customers.

Facebook has built it’s platform to serve all types of businesses. It is definitely worth the investment to take the time and learn how to advertise effectively via Facebook and grow your business substantially.

Check out the popular posts below for more information on getting started with Facebook and if you’re interested in learning how to generate leads for your business using Facebook Ads, download our Free Lead Generation Guide by clicking the green button below.

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