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Search Engine Optimization is the foundation for getting your website found by your customers. Without a strong SEO campaign, your website will be losing traffic and leads to your competitors. Luckless Digital can solve those problems for you. We’re different from other Internet Marketing companies because we focus on building a solid foundation for your business and grow it sustainably that will reward you for many years to come.

Site Audit & Competitor Analysis

Every SEO campaign should start with a baseline. This provides a starting point to measure the impact of your campaign and allows for advanced analysis later on. We’ll start by auditing your website which includes both the content and technical aspects. After that has been completed, our team will evaluate your competitors and find out exactly why they’re performing better than you in the search engines. From there, we’ll build you a campaign that’ll blow your competitors away.

On-Site Optimization

There are over 200 factors taken into consideration by search engine crawlers that index your website. Everything from the words your use in your headlines to the captions for your images, search engines look at everything. The two biggest factors include the value and usefulness of your content and the quality of the experience your users have. Our team focuses on all these aspects to ensure your business ranks higher than your competitors in the search results.

Link & Citation Building

A large part of search engine optimization is establishing authority for your website. This is achieved by building backlinks to the content on your website. Consider link building as a way for search engines to determine the credibility of your website. The more “references” (backlinks) your website has, the more credibility and domain authority you’ll be able to achieve. We follow Google’s Guidelines when building your backlinks to ensure the sustainability of your site in the futre.

Local SEO

The majority of consumers are using search engines to find what they need locally. That is why it is extremely important to get your business on the map above all your competitors so your business can be found. Our team specializes in helping your customers find you. We’ll get your business listed on every business directory feasible to your industry and location and work endlessly to make sure you’re ranked in the top results when your customers search for your products and/or services.

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