5 Characteristics of a Landing Page That Increase Conversions

What is a Landing Page?

In simplistic terms, a landing page is any page on your website a visitor can arrive at or land on. However, when speaking in terms of marketing initiatives, a landing page is a page on your website dedicated to winning a conversion by capturing some type of information from your visitor.

Why Your Business Needs to use Landing Pages?

The primary objective of your web presence should be generating revenue for business. Just as anything marketing related, all of your digital marketing efforts are driven around the centralized idea to generate a customer acquisition.

A landing page is a means to move a prospective customer to the next stage of the conversion funnel. This could be generating a prospective lead from a visitor in the discovery stage to getting a previous customer to purchase again through email marketing. The purpose is to move that customer from their current position in the funnel closer to a sale.

If your business is not utilizing promotional offers through landing pages, it’s extremely difficult to maximize the primary objective of your web presence.

How to Increase Conversions With a Landing Page?

1. Provide Value on the Landing Page


Getting traffic to your landing page can be done efficiently with various digital marketing strategies. However, if your visitor arrives at your landing page and there is not a compelling reason for them to stay there, then you will lose your conversion.

Make sure that your value proposition is captivating. Ask yourself, “Would I want to sign up for this information?”. If the answer is no, your value proposition needs work.

2. Limit Navigation Away From the Landing Page

Remember, your objective is to get the customer to give you their information. If you draw them away from the value proposition through distractions, the probability of getting them to enter their information is significantly reduced.

3. Keep Content on the Landing Page Clear, Concise & Brief

A visitor comes to your landing page for a reason (should be related to the value proposition). The journey to the offer should be quick and to the point. If it takes the visitor to long to get to the offer, you risk the chance of generating friction, whereas if you are to short and not clear enough, they won’t know what they’re signing up for.

4. Use Word of Mouth Marketing on Your Landing Page

Providing your visitors the ability to share your landing page with their colleagues, friends and/or family will enable you to gain more traffic. This also provides a great opportunity to increase your conversion rate as visitors are more susceptible to signing up if someone they know has.

5. Data Drives Landing Page Optimization

Data provides many great benefits but in terms of landing pages, it informs you exactly what is and isn’t working. With A/B Testing, you can track user interactions on which layouts, wording, colors, etc. are providing the highest conversions so you can optimize your landing page perfectly.

Building a great landing page is not very difficult however, it does require a well thought out plan. Check out Ontrapages as they provide free resources for creating seamless landing pages for your value proposition.

If you’re not getting the conversions you would like, let us help your with a free consultation on how you can increase your landing page conversions today.

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